Your West Side Story

Pursuit of His Glory cover

Have you ever wondered if your life has been lived at less than what God envisions? Do you long for the promises of abundant provisions and supernatural wonders? Bestselling author, Lisa Schwarz invites you to step across to the other side of unexplored depths; the West Side.

Your West Side Story shows you what the other side of supernatural looks like and that your calling in Christ, holds more than meets the eye. Experience the Holy Spirit’s leading as you move into a realm of shattering barriers while navigating toward the spiritual dimensions of God’s kingdom.

Uncover a narrative that surpasses the ordinary; brimming with insights, revelations, and spiritual truths that will both challenge and inspire. Are you prepared to step into the richness God has prepared? “Your West Side Story” isn’t just a book; it’s your ticket to cross over from good to God.