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Small Groups and Workshops

Lisa is a powerful workshop and training seminar leader. She is gifted in teaching others how to gain the tools that will empower their lives to grow toward excellence and explore all their possibilities. She has years of experience in developing workshops and training messages for all types of groups.

  • leadership/professional groups
  • staff members/employees
  • break-out sessions
  • conference workshops
  • small groups
  • classrooms (K through adult)

With workshops and trainings for your group, you get to choose the desired goal and Lisa will design the best format and messages to meet those goals, with practical hands-on application exercises. Some of her most established trainings are:

  • Counseling Basics
  • Discipleship – How to Read and Execute the Bible
  • Healing/Deliverance
  • Team Building/Vision Casting
  • Leadership: leaders who raise leaders
  • Understanding Authority
  • Marketing Basics for you Ministry
  • Attacking Suburban Poverty




lisa schwarz testimony molly ramstetterBeing a full time mom and trying to grow your spiritual life in a deep way has been very challenging. In seeing a need for discipleship and how to utilize the older women in our lives, Lisa gave us this opportunity to speak into us and help us identify and encourage us in this need. Mothers, daughters and Grandmothers sat around to listen about what discipleship looks like and how the most important thing we can do is learn how to disciple ourselves first. That it’s not just about what we do, but more about who we are and practical tools on how to use the authority God gave us to disciple our own thinking. It was very challenging but also so encouraging for families that were already on a discipleship journey as well as inspiring for those that were just seeking this out. 
~Molly Ramstetter, stay-at-home mom


Workshop/Training Request:

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