To Love and To Be Loved: Establishing Healthy Relationships

Each one of us is created for relationship. To prosper in life the way God intends; body, soul, and spirit, you must understand His design for relationships and what that means for you. In To Love & To Be Loved: Establishing Healthy Relationships, author Lisa Schwarz teaches that loving others and being loved by others is intertwined. One without the other is an incomplete puzzle, and reconciling with God, with yourself, and with others is the only way to firmly establish the healthy relationships you seek.


As I began to read Lisa’s new book To love and Be Loved, it has become real to me that many of my relationships where seeking self-approval. I have learned that all our relationships must be centered on God’s design for His love with us and God’s design to love ourselves. Then all other relationships will come more naturally. Lisa’s passion is seeing God reveal his passion for intimacy with each of us. Once our relationship in Christ is reconciled and the boundaries we establish through him, we then can allow ourselves to be loved and love others in a healthy way. I recommend this book for anyone about to get married or struggling in a current marriage. ~Tami Murphy
To love and To Be Loved is such a practicum for us today. Isaiah speaks truth in Chapter 55 when he writes, “My thoughts are not your thoughts and My ways are not your ways.” The world we live in leaves us with such skewed ideas involving relationships.

Lisa has expressed scriptural truth in each aspect of our relationships to include those of God others and even ourselves. The book is both heartwarming and heart mending as she walks us toward victory in all three areas where we are loved and express love. Absolutely a must read. ~Carol Emert