The Pursuit of His Glory

Pursuit of His Glory cover

The Pursuit of His Glory delivers empowered clarity for addressing complex questions about the anointing, glory, and character of God. It’s important to understand the supernatural structure of operating in the fullness of God’s gifting for you. Too often Christians rely on the anointing to stir up the presence of God’s glory, but the reality is, it is His presence that stirs up the anointing.

God’s heart is for you to move in His anointing once you learn to contain His character. Lisa teaches you what it means to contain His character in a real-life, tangible atmosphere so that the anointing flows from our lives. The Pursuit of His Glory illustrates the difference between the anointing of God and the glory of God, and precisely how they work in tandem. Be encouraged as she challenges you to recognize the importance of pursuing His glory and seeking His character.