Mastering Your Seasons
book and study guide

There is great satisfaction when we see purpose in our circumstances. It is easy to find our purpose when things are going well and life is skipping along nicely, but what happens when we have a tough situation to go through? Is there purpose in the hard times? Unfortunately too many of us see difficult circumstances as something to get away from, or find a way to change, and never embrace the purpose for our challenges that God has in mind. All of your circumstances have a purpose. In Mastering Your Seasons, Lisa¬† you through the seasons of life and uses biblical teaching to strengthen your resolve that not only can you get through a difficult circumstance, but you can master it for God’s glory.

Lisa has also written a study guide as a companion to Mastering Your Seasons. Using opportunities to reflect, personalize and execute, the reader is able to maximize the concepts in the book. This Study Guide can be used individually or in small group settings for a 6 week study to help the reader be empowered to master their seasons.

One of Lisa’s many strengths is her ability to teach others how to apply biblical truths so that their lives can be transformed beyond just gaining knowledge. In this Study Guide, she guides the reader in implementing the wisdom found within.


This is an excellent book that takes us through the seasons of our lives: winter, spring, summer and fall. Lisa captures the heart of each season, the strengths and benefits as well as the pitfalls to watch for. Her thoughts are insightful, challenging, hopeful and encouraging (as in imparting courage). Throughout the book she shares what she calls Prayer Practices to help us learn to pray through the various situations we might encounter in each season. I heartily recommend this book to any believer to help them, not just survive whatever season in their life they are in, but to master them and walk in victory and joy! ~ Kate M

Lisa has masterly revealed that as our lives progress from one season to the next and then seemingly repeats the cycle the Lord is lovingly drawing us deeper into relationship with Him, and wooing us to greater maturity in our Christian walk. His love toward us is infinite and this book shows us how we can Master each season successfully. It is an awesome read. ~ Carol