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Discovering Your God Design

Have you ever pondered your God design? Simply put, it’s God’s unique definition of you. While the world may offer external definitions, God has inscribed a definition within our hearts, one that is internal and deeply personal.

The Urban Dictionary defines “to define” as showing, describing, or clearly stating what something is. Isn’t it refreshing to know that God has shown, described, and clearly stated “what is” when it comes to you and me? Our design was perfectly revealed in the person of Jesus, the flawless representation of our God-ordained potential. Jesus embodied the fullness of the Spirit, demonstrating what it means to live in alignment with our God design. Furthermore, our design is not confined to a single passage of Scripture; it is described and clearly stated throughout the entire Bible. The definition of you and me is woven into the fabric of God’s Word.

Living in Alignment with God’s Design

1 John 4:17b states, “… as He is, so we are in this world.” This truth is a profound revelation of our identity. Just as Jesus was, so we are! Jesus serves as the plumb line of our God design, establishing the integrity of how we define our lives. His life, His actions, His responses, His words, His wisdom, His love, His compassion, His grace, and His kindness—all of who He was—is our God design. He embodies our fullest potential, our “God-ability.” Jesus represents not just what could be or should be in our lives; He embodies “what is.” He fulfilled God’s original purpose for humanity—to live in the image of God. The blood of Jesus reconciles us to that image and that definition.




As you reflect on your design, ask yourself, “How can I actively align my life with ‘what is’ according to God’s definition today?” Do you reflect the person of Jesus and what do you feel challenged to adjust?



Heavenly Father, we are in awe of the God design You have etched in our hearts. Thank you for showing us, describing us, and clearly stating “what is” in our lives. Help us to embrace this truth and to walk in the fullness of our God-ordained design. We seek to master our God design and live it out in our daily lives. In Jesus’ name, we pray. Amen.


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