Our Hearts…

Before a conference or any event, my intercessor often asks me, “How’s your heart?” She reminds me that nobody wants to drink from a dirty vessel.  She is not concerned with how I am going to preach, what I am going to say, or how I am going to operate, she is only concerned with my heart. She knows that it is the heart that determines how powerfully God moves through a person. What a beautiful reminder that we must be intentional to allow the Holy Spirt to continually groom our hearts, and that good character is essential. Yet, I fear too often we get caught up in pursuing the gifts of God and we forget the importance of pursuing the heart of God.

Checking My Heart…

For about two years, now, I have been on a journey of “checking my heart” and allowing God to search me daily. I have discovered that there are places where I have operated LIKE Him, yet my heart was far from Him. I don’t want to just LOOK the part of a Christian. I am not ok with just behaving appropriately on the outside when my potential is transformation on the inside. I want more and I believe the Holy Spirit has set us up to do better than just learning to behave the “right way.”

I know that “faithing it” is necessary when and is a great step toward maturing in Christ. But why do we stop there? Is “faithing it” enough, or is it actually what is keeping us from BECOMING it? Are there places in our lives where we have memorized what it looks like to walk with God, but in our hearts, we aren’t there yet?

I am no longer interested in just how I am behaving in a moment. I am more interested in who I am becoming. I am after the character of God which starts on the inside and overflows to the outside. I am telling you that I am after a deeper change. I want the supernatural transformation of my heart that comes from sitting in His glory, saturating myself in His character of love. This is the GREATER potential of our design in Christ!  Let’s go deeper together! Ask God to show you the places where you heart is lacking. Surrender to His love and let Him change you from the inside out.