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Divine Purpose

Purpose is the North Star that guides our journey through life. It’s the force that gives us our “why,” thrusting us into the future with a sense of direction. Purpose goes beyond self-interest; it connects us to something greater than ourselves and extends far beyond the boundaries of today. It’s the wellspring of growth and a well of inexhaustible energy. Remarkably, science has substantiated what many have known intuitively – a sense of purpose is not just a poetic concept; it’s scientifically proven to enhance mental well-being.

In the pages of the Bible, we see purpose exemplified from the very beginning of creation. God had a distinct purpose in mind for humanity, setting a work for humanity to step into and fulfill. One of the first acts of God was to position Adam in the Garden of Eden, charging him to tend and keep it. God, the Master Gardener, didn’t need Adam’s help in the garden – He created it. So, why invite Adam into its care? The answer lies in the profound understanding that God knew Adam needed purpose.

Without a sense of purpose, life would lack meaning, and there would be no driving force behind our existence. God understood that Adam’s work in the garden wasn’t just about tending to plants; it was about nurturing the very purpose of his soul. It wasn’t about the external fruit produced in the garden; it was about the inner fruit that would blossom within Adam.

This concept strongly aligns with the idea of prosperity, as discussed in the previous chapter. Adam’s well-being, wholeness, and growth were intrinsically connected to his work in the garden, a purpose ordained by God. In this, we find the essence of true prosperity – a purpose-filled life that fulfills our potential and creates a lasting impact.

In simpler terms, God designed humanity for a purpose, and without it, we’re left feeling empty, useless, and undervalued. Just as Adam’s role was essential to the growth of the garden, our purpose is vital to the growth of God’s Kingdom.




In your reflection on the profound role of purpose in life, consider your own sense of purpose. What is your “why,” the driving force in your life? How does your purpose extend beyond personal desires to impact the world around you? How does your unique sense of purpose align with the greater purpose of life itself? Ponder these questions and allow them to guide you on your journey of fulfilling your divine purpose.




God, I thank you for designing me with a specific purpose. I pray that today, You would help me discover the fullness of all that is in my heart and that I would understand the depths of who I am and what I am called to do. Thank you for navigating my days and my heart with my purpose in mind. Here I am Lord, send me! In Jesus’ name amen.


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