Embrace The Supernatural

In our journey of faith, it is essential to embrace the supernatural work of the Holy Spirit. God desires to demystify His Spirit’s work in our lives and empower us to walk in the fullness of our spiritual gifts. Often, we may encounter moments or experiences that seem unusual or beyond the natural realm. However, these are opportunities for us to recognize and engage with the supernatural work of God.

 Just as Moses encountered the burning bush in the desert, we too can encounter God in ways that surpass our understanding. The key lies in not dismissing or turning aside from these supernatural manifestations. Instead, let us have open conversations with the Holy Spirit, seeking His guidance and discernment.

Sometimes, we may feel physical sensations or stirrings in our bodies when the Spirit moves within us. It could be a tingling sensation, warmth, or even a gentle touch. While we may be tempted to rationalize these experiences, let us remember that God often uses these unique signs to draw our attention to something deeper—something beyond the natural realm.

By giving permission to the Holy Spirit to work in our lives, we open ourselves to a new level of spiritual sensitivity. Just as a small sensation in the body can lead to a powerful spiritual encounter, a slight inkling or feeling of something different can be an invitation from God to press into His presence. Rather than dismissing these moments, let us embrace them and seek a deeper understanding of what God is doing.

Signs, Wonders, & Miracles

Scripture reminds us of Jesus’ ministry on earth, where signs, wonders, and miracles accompanied His message. These supernatural manifestations affirmed His authority and the power of God at work in Him. Similarly, as followers of Christ, we are called to not only speak about God but also demonstrate His power through signs and wonders.

However, it is crucial to recognize that supernatural experiences can challenge our sense of control and understanding. They cannot be easily explained or scientifically proven. Yet, our desire to serve a supernatural God must outweigh our fear of the unknown. Let us not shy away from signs, miracles, and encounters with God, but rather embrace them as a testament to His presence and power.

 Just as the Israelites faced the Jordan River as a barrier to the promised land, we too encounter barriers between the natural and supernatural realms in our lives. It is tempting to settle for what is permissible, comfortable, and easily explainable. But God calls us to press forward, crossing over into the realm of the beneficial, the miraculous, and the extraordinary.

Let us not be content with a religion of mere words and knowledge. Instead, may our lives become a testimony to the power of God’s presence. As we keep our hands firmly on the hem of Jesus, constantly aware of His presence, we can experience a personal Pentecost—a continuous outpouring of the Holy Spirit in our lives.

Today, let us pray for increased sensitivity to the Holy Spirit’s leading and a willingness to step into the supernatural. May our lives be marked by signs, wonders, and a deep intimacy with God. May we become vessels through which His power flows, impacting the lives of those around us. Embrace the supernatural, for it is in those moments that God’s glory shines brightest.


  1. Have there been moments in your life when you dismissed or overlooked potential supernatural encounters with God? Take a moment to reflect on those instances and ask the Holy Spirit to reveal any missed opportunities.
  2. How comfortable are you with embracing the supernatural aspects of your faith? Are there any fears or concerns holding you back from fully embracing the work of the Holy Spirit?
  3. In what ways can you cultivate a greater sensitivity to the Holy Spirit’s leading in your daily life? Consider practices such as prayer, worship, and studying God’s Word to deepen your relationship with Him.


Heavenly Father, thank You for the gift of Your Holy Spirit. Help me to embrace the supernatural aspects of my faith and to walk in the fullness of Your power. Open my eyes, ears, and heart to recognize Your work in my life. I surrender fear to You and declare a fresh infilling of Your Spirit and Your love. May my life be a testament to Your glory and a reflection of Your love. In Jesus’ name, I pray. Amen.

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