What's Keeping You From Your Healing?Where do you place your hope? Many of us, like the man in John 5, place our hope in the “pools” of life; circumstances, relationships, finances, etc. In our focus on those “pools,” we often miss out on the presence of God and His power to restore wholeness. God is our one true hope; everything else is false and will hold us captive. The scripture says, “Hope deferred makes the heart sick.” We must seek to find out hope in the One that brings and gives hope, not the “pools” that we have allowed to come between us and our healing. Sometimes our mats hold us down, but other times, we are holding ourselves captive to our own mats. Are you ready to pick up your mat and walk? Do you trust God alone to bring you into the wholeness of life?


In this message, Lisa walks through the story of the man in John 5 and challenges the audience to consider what is keeping them from their healing. She reminds them that the only hope that will never disappoint, is God!