unpacking generational baggageToo many times we are identified by the system we are brought up by or exposed to. The influences of our teachers, parents, friends, church, and culture in general threatens to condition our behavior and ultimately mold our personality and patterns of thinking and feeling.

But, where does the freedom of Christ come into play in all this? Do the ideas of conditioned behavior or predispositions have an affect? Is it possible that we have dismissed the power of God to set us free and deliver us into the full person of Jesus? If your personality traits look anything less than the character of Jesus, it is possible you have some generational baggage. If you find yourself mentally or emotionally wrestling with negative thoughts, emotions, or behaviors, it is possible you have some generational baggage. If you feel “trapped” by a personality trait, or like you have no control over it, it is possible you have some generational baggage.

This workshop is designed to help you unpack that baggage! Learn what the Bible says about generational influences and be challenged to look in the mirror and take ownership over your identity and drag it in line with the personality of Christ!

Sign up today, and discover what baggage you are carrying and how to unpack it.

This course includes 7 training videos & a demonstration and a pdf copy of a student handbook. 

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