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Mastering Your Seasons workshopLearn from Lisa personally as she teaches through her second book, Mastering Your Seasons. This workshop will teach you how to look beyond chronological time and natural circumstances and into kingdom timing and how God is always working in your life THROUGH those circumstance. You will learn how to see beyond the here and now and train your “eye” to be set on God. Whether you are in a winter, spring, summer or fall, you will be enlightened on how God uses every season to bring forth fruit and how the enemy uses those seasons to trip you up and keep you from prospering. This workshop will open your eyes to see more that what you see and gain insight on the ways of God and how He has designed you to master every season. This workshop includes a free copy of her book!
It contains:
  • 6 video teachings
  • Lisa’s book “Mastering Your Seasons” as a pdf
  • the accompanying study guide “Going Beyond Mastering Your Seasons: A Study Guide” as a pdf
  • 4 audio downloads of Lisa preaching through the message live

This great price gives you 3 1/2 hours of a workshop teaching by Lisa as well as $65 worth of product

This purchase will give you LIFE TIME ACCESS to the materials and videos in this workshop!

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