Everyone was created for a purpose, and that purpose, when discovered, is expressed through personal vision. This is why having vision is so imperative.

Your vision is ultimately what forms your priorities.  Yet, we often find ourselves putting our priorities aside; things that are important get put off for things that or instant or urgent. Ultimately, too many of us end up missing the mark, not hitting our goals, and falling short of our personal vision.

In this workshop, Enforcing Purpose, Lisa addresses why having a personal vision is so powerful, and also how to set goals that are directly connected to that vision.

Does your personal vision seem unclear? Then this workshop is for you. Do you feel purposeless or aimless? Then this workshop is for you. Are you scattered in your energies and efforts? Then this workshop is for you. Do you struggle to stay motivated? Then this workshop is for you. Do you often fall short on hitting your goals? Then this workshop is for you!

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