TLTBL workshop
We are all designed for connection and therefore all deeply desire relationships; to love and to be loved. But would you agree that maintaining relationships with other can be one of the most difficult things to do? Be prepared to learn about what God’s design for healthy relationships is, and the many forms of unhealthy relationships and how to recognize them. You will learn how to determine the health of your relationships based on Biblical standards and be empowered to move them towards excellence and health! Walk away from this workshop not only informed, but inspired to guard God’s design for your relationships and empowered to enforce that design.


This workshop is for men, women and teens and taught by Lisa Schwarz.

It contains:

  • six 30 minute video teachings
  • Lisa’s book “To Love and To Be Loved” as a pdf
  • the accompanying study guide “To Love and To Be Loved, A Study Guide as a pdf
  • 4 audio messages of Lisa preaching through the message live

This great price gives you 3 1/2 hours of a workshop teaching by Lisa as well as $65 worth of product!

This purchase will give you LIFE TIME ACCESS to the materials and videos in this workshop!

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