The Biblical Counseling Certification Program consists of 5 separate courses. There are classroom teaching videos (duration: 30 minutes or less) in each course of the program.

  • Course 1 – 3 classroom teaching videos, 1 video observation, 2 book readings, 4 other lessons
  • Course 2 – 3 classroom teaching videos, 1 book reading, 1 audio training, 6 other lessons
  • Course 3 – 3 classroom teaching videos, 2 audio teachings, 1 video training, 1 book reading, 1 classroom discussions
  • Course 4 – 3 classroom teaching videos, 1 book reading, 4 video trainings, 1 other lesson
  • Course 5 – 2 classroom teaching videos, 3 video observations, 1 book reading, 2 other lessons, final case study


Program Time Period and Fees

You will have 1 year access to complete this program.

When you have completed the program, you get one 30 minute coaching call with Lisa free of charge!

All students will receive a signed Biblical Counseling Certificate of completion upon finishing the program. This program is NOT licensed by any state accrediting board.

BONUS #1: The purchase of the BCCP course will provide you with a lifetime coupon code for 10% off any future online courses/workshops.

BONUS #2: The purchase of the BCCP course makes you eligible for a PREMIERE Coaching Package from Lisa!