Main Objectives:

The Audience

  • HELP them explore their God possibilities
  • EQUIP them to gain practical tools to move to where they want to be
  • EMPOWER them to grow toward excellence

The Organization

  • DESIGN each message/teaching so that it is relevant to the organization’s purpose
  • ENFORCE its purpose and MAXIMIZE its mission
  • CULTIVATE a culture of excellence


Possible Topics:

  • Counseling/Life Coaching Topics
  • Unpacking Generational Baggage
  • Navigating Your Child’s Purpose (Parenting)
  • Team Building
  • Brain Health
  • Vision/Vision Casting/Goal Setting
  • Leadership
  • Community Collaborations
  • Understanding and Attacking Suburban Poverty
  • Mental/emotional/spiritual Stability
  • Emotional Agility

Book-Based Themes

  • Enforcing YOU
    • identity
    • purpose
    • emotional agility
  • To Love & To Be Loved
    • establishing healthy relationships
    • reconciliation
  • Mastering Your Seasons
    • seeing the purpose in every circumstance/season
  • Discipleship: From Information to Execution