Discipleship: From Information to Execution
book and study guide


Learning to follow Jesus is a lifelong process. We are called to be disciples and also called to make disciples. So often today we are clueless on how to do either. In Discipleship: From Information to Execution, Lisa shares the process from her own life: her experience of being discipled and the many believers she has personally discipled. But she goes beyond her experience. She shares the biblical model and vision as well as practical help and guidance on how we, too, can build discipleship into our own lives. Lisa shares how we can take what we learn and bring it to action in our lives and in the lives of those we seek to encourage in their faith.

Lisa has also written a study guide for this book that will help you, individually or in a small group, truly learn to put these truths into action. This workbook was written for the purpose of helping you maximize the concepts in the book, Discipleship: From Information to Execution. The focus is to help you do more than simply gain information from the book, but rather to learn how to take that information and turn it into action in a way that will transform your life.


If you’ve ever felt dissatisfied with church – like it wasn’t enough, or something was missing – this book is for you! In her book Discipleship: From Information to Execution, Lisa Schwarz says what every person being called by God needs to know!  She leads you from the chair or pew into the realm of discipleship, which is what Jesus is really calling us to be and do. Following Jesus is more than just going to church and doing Bible studies. Whether you’re a Paul or a Timothy – or a little bit of both – this book will help you better understand what your next steps are to walking in your kingdom calling.” ~ Amber Ciamarra

Discipleship From Information to Execution helped me articulate my vision, ministry and practicality of SiiC Minded Transformation. A transformation of self through Strategic Instructions in Christ. The ability to live in the fullness of God once an individual can take off sick emotions and thinking and become transformed in their life by welcoming the original image of how God see, saw, and sees humanity; in the likeness of Himself – The Father, The Son and Holy Spirit. I am eager to execute the vision to empower, heal and transform lives through faith, hope and love. ~ Ken