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Being a Certified Biblical Counselor, a Certified Professional Life Coach, and a Certified Brain Healthy Coach allows Lisa the unique opportunity to provide her clients three for one help. From personal counseling to career coaching, she can meet you where you are and help you bridge the gap to where you want to be.

Often, during the coaching process of moving forward in our passions, we run into obstacles that would otherwise be considered a counseling issue such as fear, depression, anger, unhealthy relationships, etc. Conversely, in our search for health and healing through counseling, we can lose touch with the power of our dreams and passions. This is why Lisa’s ability to work with both counseling needs as well as life coaching is such a powerful combination.

Discover how life coaching can propel you.

One-on-One Coaching or Counseling

Bringing dreams to life often takes one-on-one interaction, an area where Lisa excels. Whether it is coming alongside others through coaching, training or guiding them into a deeper empowerment of their purpose, she has worked with a wide variety of people and is comfortable in any environment.

  • students
  • professionals
  • homemakers
  • parents
  • children

Group Coaching or Counseling

Group Coaching is a dynamic way to receive instruction and empowerment toward YOUR dreams through interpersonal connections and participation. It is one thing to have information, but mastering a concept requires opportunities to engage and do.  In this unique setting, Lisa is able to capitalize on individual desires while you get to learn, as well as play a part in the empowerment of those in the group. Walk away not just empowered to pursue your own passions, but equipped to encourage others as well. 

Each group requires at least 3, but no more than 6 people and runs for 4 weeks.  The day and time of each meeting is coordinated per the availability of the group as a whole.

Family Coaching or Counseling

Take advantage of all the training and experience Lisa has gained and let her help your family learn how to step into your breakthrough for healing and wholeness. 

  • one-on-one sessions
  • couples 
  • family
  • play therapy

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