Too often we rely on the anointing to stir up the presence of God’s glory, but the reality is, it is HIS presence that stirs up the anointing. When we learn to contain His character, the anointing will begin to flow automatically from our lives. In this conference, Lisa will teach on the difference between the anointing of God and the glory of God and how they work in tandem. Be encouraged AND empowered as she challenges you to recognize the importance of containing HIS character.  

Speaker: Lisa L. Schwarz

Lisa Schwarz is a national speaker, published author, Certified Biblical Counselor, Professional Life Coach, Brain Health Coach, and Founder/CEO of Crazy8 Ministries. She also designs and develops events, conferences, trainings and workshops for diverse settings throughout the United States. Her mantra is enforcing purpose: maximizing who you are, what you do and cultures around you.

Lisa has a powerful and effective mission that has broadened to include counseling, consulting and coaching for individuals and groups as well as a restorative housing program. All of this is to reach out and equip individuals, empower people and enforce purpose in their lives through the transforming power of Jesus Christ.

Friday, March 4th & Saturday, March 5th

Location: Cleburne Family Fellowship

710 W. Kilpatrick St. | Cleburne, TX 76003

Ticket Options:

Conference & Lunch $35

1 Conference ticket | 1 boxed lunch from Chick-fil-A on Saturday


Extended Character Package $50

1 Conference ticket | 9:00am coffee, pastries and personal prophecy time on Saturday |1 boxed lunch from Chick-fil-A on Saturday

Couples Conference & Lunch $65

2 Conference tickets | 2 boxed lunch from Chick-fil-A on Saturday

Couples Extended Character Package $90

2 Conference tickets | 9:00am coffee, pastries and personal prophecy time on Saturday |2 boxed lunches from Chick-fil-A on Saturday

Conference Schedule:

Friday, March 4th

6:30pm Doors Open

7:00pm Worship

7:45pm Session 1

8:30pm Improv Preaching

9:15pm Worship and Ministry

10:00pm Close

Saturday, March 5th

9:00am Extended Character Ticket Holders

10:00am Doors Open

10:30am Welcome/Door Prizes

10:45am Worship

11:15 Session 2

12:00pm Lunch

1:00pm Prayer Declarations Training

1:45pm Break

2:00pm Reflection Stations

3:30pm Session 3

4:15 Worship & Ministry

5:00pm Close

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