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Knowing the Person of God Lisa Schwarz LLC

Knowing the Person of God teaches the difference between the anointing of the Lord and the glory of the Lord.[more information]

Lisa's Holy Spirit Experience Lisa Schwarz LLCLisa’s Holy Spirit Experience was captured in an intimate setting where Lisa gives her raw, uncut testimony… [more information]
What's Keeping You From Your Healing? In this message, Lisa walks through the story of the man in John 5 and challenges the audience to consider... [More info...]
Mastering Your Seasons audio series The message of Mastering Your Seasons began as a weekend conference and bloomed into a book, with study guide [More info...]
Prayer Observatory Prayer Observatory Jesus' example is what has prompted Lisa to teach how to pray. [More info...]
The Root of Crazy8 audio teachings Lisa Schwarz LLC The Root of Crazy8 shares how the concept of wholeness is what drives the mission of Crazy8 Ministries. [more information]
Pastoring Your Children Lisa Schwarz LLC Pastoring Your Children As a parent, we are constantly called to deal with the practical needs of our children. [More info...]
In this practical training, you will hear Lisa train on how to use the Scriptures to minister to self and to others. [More info...]
Shalom: The Pursuit of Peace audio teachings Lisa Schwarz LLC Shalom: The Pursuit of Peace introduces God’s concept of peace as being more than just a state of tranquility... [more information]
Spontaneous Words Lisa Schwarz LLC Spontaneous Words - Cincinnati The Father wants us to not only receive information about who He is... [more information]
Life is a Story audio teachings Lisa Schwarz LLC Life is a Story is a captivating invitation to live out God’s story for our life. [more information]
Who Am I? audio teaching Lisa Schwarz LLC Who Am I: God's Design For Women - Parts 1, 2 and 3. Being a woman isn’t always easy with all the various hats that they wear on a daily basis. [more information]
To Love and To Be Loved audio teachings Lisa Schwarz LLC To Love and To Be Loved everyone is wired for it, it is a part of our design. [more information]
Persevere: Never give up audio teachings Lisa Schwarz LLC Persevere: Never Give Up is a great reminder of how the loss of a vision will bring forth weariness and defeat. [more information]
I Am A Revival audio teachings Lisa Schwarz LLC I Am A Revival is a passionate message given to challenge the listener to re-frame their reference on what they know about revival. [more information]